Want to be Housewives: A Chat – Wifely Duties

A stimulating conversation between two Want to be Housewives. They discus the finer parts of making sure their hubby is pleased.

Madeline: Kids are put to bed and this is what your hubby sees as he slides your shorts down….

Madeline: http://37.media.tumblr.com/f23c72c9a9a9d…

Michelle: http://thumbs.dreamstime.com/x/couple-ge…

Madeline: love that Michelle – such domestic bliss!

Michelle: see the love in his eyes and the lustful smile

Michelle: wanting his hands on you so badly after a long day

Michelle: wanting to feel his skin against yours

Madeline: He’s had a particularly stressful day so you wear those super cute pink panties to help him relax

Michelle: totally

Michelle: let him lay back at first

Madeline: yesss

Michelle: kissing down his body

Michelle: letting him relax

Michelle: well letting some of him relax

Madeline: giggle!

Madeline: getting down to your panties and bra, rubbing his chest, kissing him

Michelle: feeling him growing hard beneath you, his hands moving across skin

Michelle: love to take his mind off the stresses

Michelle: and have him think of nothing but me and my mouth and fingers

Madeline: omg girls yes

Michelle: and end of stressful day blowjob is what a good hubby needs

Madeline: Girls, not going to lie- this is something I think a good housewife should do for her hubby when he gets home

Madeline: http://24.media.tumblr.com/a98df0fcc179a…

Madeline: omg Michelle can’t believe we just sent that at the same time lol, so on the same page

Michelle: omg

Michelle: totally

Madeline: I want to suck my loving, strong, amazing husband’s dick so bad when he gets home

Michelle: love to pull my husband out, feel his girth in my slender hands

Madeline: oh my god Michelle yes.

Michelle: wrapping my painted nails around him

Madeline: giggle as you grab it, telling him how much you love it

Michelle: love the idea of the pleasure i can bring to the man i love

Michelle: the man that takes care of me

Madeline: the man that made me a mother

Michelle: the man who provides

Madeline: I’d get so much pleasure out of giving him all of me, my whole body

Michelle: me too

Michelle: i totally agree Madeline, giving him pleasure would be my ultimate pleasure for myself

Madeline: Absolutely.

Michelle: not sure many people get that, especially men, but it so is

Michelle: i need and want to please my husband

Madeline: That is what makes us so clearly women

Madeline: Totally agree Michelle

Michelle: it is how i feel i fill my place

Michelle: well that, and being the best mommy i can be smile

Madeline: Michelle! Yes! Being a mommy and a dutiful wife who pleases her hubby sexually

Michelle: perfection

Michelle: keeping the house in order, but very willing at the end of the day to take my husband inside my mouth or vagina

Michelle: knowing he needs the release and so pleased that i can offer that

Madeline: Absolutely. Taking care of everything that needs to be done throughout the day but knowing that come evening it’s just as important to take care of his sexual needs. He deserves it.

Michelle: exaactly

Madeline: My mouth and vagina are for his pleasure and I love that

Michelle: it is a perfect life

Madeline: perfect

Michelle: many women just don’t see that

Madeline: no it’s a shame

Michelle: i think it does not deny my independent woman or my feminist side, to be that to a man who loves me and i love him

Michelle: it is a trade off … a partnership

Madeline: Michelle I totally agree. It’s not one or the other. I can be independent and I belive in equality but I get so much pleasure out of being there for my man and letting him love me. and letting him release for me

Michelle: that is so true

Michelle: the two are not mutually exclusive

Michelle: this is why vaginas and ovaries are wasted on the GG

Madeline: ugh! SO true Michelle

Madeline: We’d be the best sexual partners and mommies ever

Michelle: completly

Michelle: there are wonderful women out there for sure

Michelle: but i do think we would be so good at being mothers and wives

Michelle: we would take nothing for granted

Michelle: and pleasing and taking care of our families would be our only priorities

Madeline: exactly!

Madeline: we’d be amazing

Madeline: I would just adore seeing my husband like this every night. Knowing he needs me like this

Madeline: http://37.media.tumblr.com/803554ea77001…

Michelle: yes, that he craves me like that

Michelle: that i am the source of his pleasure

Madeline: that he craves my vagina

Michelle: that he craves to be inside my vagina

Michelle: that it is mine to give to him

Michelle: to spread my legs and feel his weight above me, as he pushes inside me … so amazing

Madeline: as he holds my hips, as his hardness, his manhood slides into me, so meant to be

Michelle: so perfectly fitting inside me

Michelle: knowing that is where it belongs

Madeline: omg yes absolutely

Michelle: his husbandly girth inside my wifely hole

Madeline: omg wifely hole I LOVE that

Madeline: also, of course, I always love doing this for him when he needs it

Madeline: http://images.fuskator.com/large/W6ONnyL…

Michelle: yes of course

Michelle: love to feel him hard between my lips, looking up into his eyes

Michelle: knowing how much it drives him wild

Michelle: knowing i did that

Madeline: yesssss

Madeline: on my knees, back arched, the base of his manly girth in my hand as I suck on the head of it, looking into his eyes

Michelle: have to take care of all of him

Michelle: can’t miss a single spot

Michelle: even his balls

Madeline: have to make sure to lick all of your man

Michelle: need love too

Michelle: and also if the night goes that way, be very willing to take his load down my throat

Madeline: totally

Michelle: taking his seed inside me in any way i can

Michelle: either down my throat or deep inside my vagina

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