A Transgender Novel – Placid Deception: The Seattle Incident

placid deception

Placid Deception: The Seattle Incident – By. Nicole M. Summers

When a young transsexual gets caught up in some serious corporate espionage she must race to discover a plot that threatens the entire world. Along the way, she learns who she is in life and when it comes to love, lust and revenge. This is an adult erotic coming of age story wrapped up in a spy thriller.

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After brunch and a short driving tour of downtown Seattle, we returned to the hotel. Jacob took a seat at the chair beside the bed and I prepared to give, what I hoped, was a stimulating fashion show. In the classic cliché style of Romantic Comedies I paraded about the room, making mock model poses. There were six dresses in all and they varied in risqué. After they had all been displayed, I put back on my pick. It was a typical little black dress with a hint of cleavage and a well-informed slit. Jacob approved but felt Kagan’s lacking imagination was going to need a little more skin. We finally settled on a dark red dress that cut diagonally across my legs and the bottom half barely grazed the upper part of my knee. The top was a halter that I was concerned was going to take a miracle not to fall out of, but I smiled and told Jacob I was up for the challenge. The red strappy heels would finish the outfit and hopefully land me a job.

Before I took the dress off Jacob coyly asked me how my flirting skills were. I confessed I had little experience in that area and probably needed practice. He graciously volunteered for the task. I batted my eyes and moved across the room toward him, letting my hips sway. Standing just in front of him I asked what his name was, he responded and asked me if cared for a drink. I did and he opened the mini-bar and got out a tiny bottle of champagne. The plastic cups from the bathroom would have to do for flutes as we sipped and made innuendos.

Time passed and laughing turned into gentle friendly touching. My hand would drift from my side to his arm. Finally, Jacob stopped laughing and looked at me more serious than I had seen him. He spoke slowly, “I think you will do a great job tonight. I just want you to know something and this isn’t just for the mission.” He placed his fingers on my neck and his thumb rested on my cheek, “You are a beautiful woman and I’ll be honest I’m a little jealous Kagan is going to be the focus of your wilds tonight.”

I put my hands on his shirt and took a step closer to him, “Sure tonight that is the case, but what about now?”

Jacob replied, “Now?”

I nodded my head and slightly bit my bottom lip. Jacob applied pressure to my neck and with his fingers, he pulled me toward him. My eyes closed and I felt our lips meet. Our lips remained simply connected for a mere moment and then we pulled apart to quickly return together with vigor. Jacob’s hand moved from my neck to my back as he pulled me close to him. I could feel his warmth as he enveloped me in his arms.

We kissed and caressed each other through our clothes and I could feel Jacob’s excitement growing. His hands moved all over my body and my false nipples performed as promised and in turn, I felt an ever-growing passion building deep inside me. My arms were wrapped around his neck and I pressed and grinded my body against his. I pulled away from our kissing and looked up into his perfect eyes. Breathing heavy I whispered, “Do you want me?”

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