Bird Watching

Bluebird_Eastern3It’s early July, about mid afternoon. The sun is beating down through the branches warming my bare legs. I’m sitting on a park bench in a canary yellow sun dress and a man walks by and gives me a quick up down. I smile a little and bat my eyes as he walks away. He was hunky! Big thick arms and rough hands, definitely a tradesman. Older than I would normally go for, but you can’t blame a girl for looking. I don’t think much of it and continue smoking my cigarette while watching the birds. In a few minutes, I hear a little stirring in the bushes. I get up to go check it out.

All of the sudden, I’m grabbed and pulled down behind the thickets and hands are covering my mouth. I struggle, but strong fingers ties my hands behind my back and wrench my waist so that it’s high in the air. Before I can think the hands rip off my panties and stuffs them in my mouth.

Tired from the struggle I’m sprawled on the forest floor with my tight little ass in the air. The man delicately lifts the dress upward, sees my soft little cock and gasps, “That’s not a pussy. Looks like we have a little sissy tramp here. That’s okay bitch you still have a nice tight hole for me to fuck anyways.” He spits on his hand with relish and sinks two fingers in me. “Mmmm,” he groins.

I struggle more, feeling utterly violated, but as his thick fingers spread my ass and work inward. All of a sudden I realize I kind of like it and now I’m pushing back.

He laughs harshly and mocks, “Oh, aren’t you a little fucking tart!”

I can feel his hot breath on my neck and his throbbing bulge on my leg. I try to make a grab for it with my bound hands.

“Who the fuck said you could touch me with your dirty tranny hands?” he says as he pulls my head back upright next to his.

I whimper and look at him through running mascara, lipstick staining my panties.

He glares at me and says, “I know what you want, little slut.” He stands up and pulls his cock out. It’s thick and covered in veins. A little bit of pre cum wetting the uncircumcised tip.

My mouth starts to water and I know I can’t wait to taste it. I look up at him longingly as he pulls the wad of panty out of my mouth and promptly inserts his engorged member to replace it.

Oh my God he feels even thicker in my mouth and my jaw struggles to fit him. He’s fucking my throat hard and I’m gagging. It hurts but he tastes so salty and musky that I just want him deeper. He’s holding onto my hair with rough hands and forcing my head down until his hairy balls are right on my chin. I groan when he lets go and I slide back up. It’s a couple pumps and I can feel an orgasm welling up in him, I stick my tongue out a little to tickle his nuts as he fucks my face. I can’t wait until he pours hot cum down my throat! He O faces and then all of a sudden stop and grins at me.

“You thought you would get away that easy?” he sneers as he takes my now disgustingly dirty panties and puts them right back in my mouth.

I know what’s next and I instinctively flinch away from him as he pulls me by my bound arms and my waist towards his warm hard cock. He chuckles a little as I try using my last bit of strength to get away, but he is much too strong and has me on the ground again ass to the sky. He pulls a packet of lube from his pocket and coats my little butt and his throbbing dick sliding the tip up and down my crack. I whimper loudly as he puts it in me. He slides all the way inside almost gently but, with quite a bit of zealousness on the last inch smacking nicely on my butt. My own cock is rock hard and I cum right away as he pulls back again.

He’s fucking me really hard now pushing my head into the dirt. I’m working his deliciously slick cock in and out of my ass with delightful slapping sounds matching his grunting. I can feel him throbbing to completion and he’s bigger than ever. He’s fucking me with such beautiful vigor that I’m hard and ready to cum again! All of a sudden, I feel a warmth spread inside my hole and stars spark all over my body as I spray madly all over the forest floor. He sneers again, gets up, pulls his pants up and walks away leaving me quivering in the dirt. He walks right on down the path with me there alone leaking his load out my asshole.

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