Baby Crazy – A Poll

We all know that having babies is essential to human existence. And hopefully, we all know the mechanics of how such a process is achieved. Although, when it comes to transgender individuals there are some let's say complications. However, that basic instinct to procreate is not absent in trans people. So, let's explore ...

Which one of the below best describes you?
How do you feel about the idea of a transwoman fantasizing about becoming pregnant? To be clear this refers only to do with the act of insemination and/or impregnation.
Now, how do you feel about a transwoman actually becoming pregnant? We will delve into the more practical issues in the next question, but this is just in general.
Perhaps in the not to distant future science will be able to give a transwoman a set of working reproductive organs. Should that be something a transwoman could elect to do?
On the opposite side of things should a transman be able to have a surgery that could give him the ability to produce semen and ejaculate?
For this question let's maintain the current fact that a transwoman CANNOT become pregnant. During sex would you find it a turn on to talk about getting pregnant?
Even if you aren't actively having sex how would you feel about a transwoman talking and/or fantasizing about becoming pregnant?
If you are a transwoman or CIS woman answer the question: Does the idea of becoming pregnant excite you?

If you are a transman or CIS man answer the question: Does the idea of being able to impregnate a woman excite you?
Until taking this quiz had you contemplated the idea of transgender individuals and pregnancy?
Use this question to share any ideas about this subject. Such as any experiences you may have had or general thoughts.
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Thank you for taking our quiz we hoping you enjoyed it.

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