A Good Girl – Part 1

Rebecca woke up early and ready to go. She took a long hot shower and shaved her legs to get them nice and silky smooth. She put on a white lace bra and matching panties. Then she slid on a black thigh length skirt and buttoned up a white down. Back in the bathroom she fixed her hair and applied some light makeup. Lastly, she stepped into a pair of black pumps. Today, we going to take forever she knew, but he was going to be worth the wait.

The day had drug on with boring meetings and pointless assignments. She caught sight of Greg several times, but they did not have time to talk. Finally, the day ended and she hurried out to her car. She drove quickly across town to Greg’s house. She checked her makeup in the mirror and then stepped out into the evening warmth. She paused at the front door and rung the door bell. She heard it chime within and quickly undid several of the buttons on her blouse.

Greg pulled the door open and gapped at her. A hungry grin filled his face as he looked her over. She offered out her slender arm and he pulled her through the door. In an instant he had her up against the nearest wall and she could feel his cock already growing hard. Their lips met several times and then she felt his strong hands on her side. He effortless spun her around and pinned backwards against the wall.

She felt his girth pressing up against her and she let out a low moan. Slowly he began to rub against her and his hands began to explore her body. One hand found its way beneath her blouse and clutched her bra clad breasts. The other hand strayed downward and began to lightly brush against the little mound in her skirt.

He nibbled at her neck and then whispered, “Be a good girl and tell me what you want.”

Rebecca held her body tense pinned up against the wall. She could feel the cool surface flat against my cheek. It was in lovely contrast to the heat she felt behind her. The aroma of him was all around her and she let them stay like that letting his anticipation rise. Then slowly, she twisted her head around and said, “I want you to take me.”

Greg started to grind his cock against her round ass and let her feel the twitching of him. Steadily, he slipped his hand beneath her skirt and grabbed at her panties. With a swift motion he pulled them down and let her small clit spring free. She wiggled her body and the panties slid down to the floor. Rebecca stepped out of them and kicked them aside.

He squeezed her exposed girl stick gently and said, “You have to earn it. Tell me what you really want. Find that inner slut and let her free. Tell me what you need.”

She moaned softly and replied, “I need you to fuck me. I need to have your throbbing cock deep inside my tight cunt.”

“Good girl,” he whispered. His hand released her clit and she heard him undo his pants. He let them fall to the floor and lifted up her skirt. She felt him push his hard cock up and in between her ass cheeks. He slowly moved his throbbing head up and down the small slit. “Work your ass for me, make my cock dribble precum on your tight hole and get it ready for me.”

She instantly began to wiggle her ass slowly moved her hips from side to side working the tip of him deep between her cheeks. Rebecca could feel the wet warmth of him against her skin and she knew she needed more.

Quickly, his slick precum began to coat her virgin slit as she continued to roll back into you.

Greg’s hand returned to her tiny twitching clit and started to stroke her. It dripped her juices into his hand and made him stroke faster. He bent forward and started to suck and bite at her neck. She arched her head to one side to allow him more access.

He paused for a moment and whispered, “So nice, keep working me. Get your virgin pussy nice and wet and ready for my big fat cock.”

Her little clitty jumped as she heard his words. Greg gave her another couple of hard rough strokes. Rebecca moaned softly as a steady tingling sensation began to spread through her body. She continued to work my hips around as she took his slippery head between her cheeks. Rebecca could already feel her little slit coated in his warm precum. She pushed back against him and said, “I can’t wait to feel you thick cock spreading me open.”

“Then you won’t have to wait anymore,” Greg said and suddenly stopped stroking her clit. His other hand came up to her shoulder and bent her slightly downward, causing her to stick her ass out at him. He rubbed the head of his cock up and down her crack until it was pointed directly at her virgin slit. Then he pushed, slow but firm. Rebecca gritted her teeth as she felt him begin to make his way inside her tight slit. A second later, she stifled as scream as his head popped inside her.

He paused and asked, “Are you ready for the rest?”

She took in a few quick shallow breaths, placed her hands flat against the wall and said, “Own my cunt.”

Greg’s hands eagerly grip her skin on either side of her hips. With one hard push he buried his cock the rest of the way into her pussy and left it there. Greg flexed it and let it twitch as he let her get used to the size before slowly, ever so slowly, started to pull out. He drew it back until just the head was in and then stopped.

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